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quality popcorn since 1987


Is your popcorn Non-GMO?

We purchase certified, Non-GMO seeds from various domestic seed producers and work hard to prevent cross pollination. We have our corn tested annually to validate that our harvested popcorn is Non-GMO.  

What about allergens in your popcorn?

Our popcorn kits contain popcorn kernels, refined coconut oil and seasoned salt. The coconut oil is highly refined, bleached and deodorized, leaving no detectable allergen protein. It is then colored with beta carotene, a natural pigment. We don’t process any nuts, soy, lactose, eggs, fish, or wheat in our facility, just the corn we grow.

Is Fancy Farm Popcorn Gluten Free?

It sure is! Corn is an inherently gluten free in all of its forms, including popcorn.

Is your popcorn organic?

Fancy Farm Popcorn is not an organic product.

Is Fancy Farm Popcorn certified Kosher Pareve?

We are Kosher certified Pareve, meaning that we comply with a strict policy of Kosher food laws that ensure additional cleanliness, purity and quality.

What about food safety?

Fancy Farm Popcorn is proud to have achieved a Level 2 Certification from the Safe Quality Food Program since 2016; you can learn more about them here.

How can I get your popcorn? I’m hungry!

We’d love to get our popcorn to you! We’re a wholesale company, but give us a holler and we’d be happy to set you up with one of our friendly distributors to get that popcorn on its way. It’s tough to ship to individuals as shipping costs can be high, but we’ll make sure you get your Fancy Farm Popcorn fresh from Bernie, Missouri one way or the other.

Did you know that butterfly popcorn is your movie theatre variety of corn? The mushroom variety of popcorn is best suited to caramel corn and kettle corn since it can hold up to those heavy toppings.